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Within each project that our team of specialist project managers deliver, often the project requires a power source or energy conversion process. It is only natural, that Neuflow’s project management services have also evolved to plan, design and deliver:

  • Renewable generation projects such as solar, wind and hydro developments
  • Natural gas treatment and generation upgrades including biogas, coal seam gas and landfill gas
  • High voltage transmission and distribution renewals and upgrades.

There is no question that the world is becoming more aware of our carbon footprint and how we use energy.  The energy sector is a critical lifeline for our communities, with efforts to reduce emissions whilst maintaining a safe and reliable network. Contact us today to deliver your project needs. 

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Neuflow's Energy Projects

Pukete Methane Digester
Pukete Wastewater Treatment Plant – Methane Digester #2 Clean Out
Horotiu Active Gas Extraction Flare
Horotiu AGE (Active Gas Extraction) & Flare Replacement

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Neuflow Projects ensure the safe delivery of reliable water infrastructure assets for local communities, with extensive experience in drinking water, wastewater and stormwater management.
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Neuflow Projects has collective expertise in project managing community facilities construction and upgrades, including swimming pools, libraries, and sports fields.
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Neuflow Projects deliver power and energy projects involving renewable generation, natural gas, high voltage transmission / distribution renewals or upgrades.
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