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Pukete Wastewater Treatment Plant – Methane Digester #2 Clean Out

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Hamilton City Council
Date Completed:
February 2022
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The Result

Even though this project was challenging and the Covid lockdown added complexity, the project ran smoothly and ahead of schedule.


This project was key to Pukete Wastewater Treatment Plant providing quality, capacity and security of Hamilton’s wastewater treatment for the next 30 years.

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It was a challenging project and the Covid lockdown added the complexity. Once the lockdown was lifted and the new commencing date was confirmed, the project was running very smoothly and was ahead of schedule. Neuflow Projects are always cooperating and customer focused, and they exceeded our expectations.

Hamilton City Council

The Project

The Pukete WWTP, current utilises a two-stage anaerobic digestion process to produce stabilised biosolids. Although some proactive maintenance and renewal works have been completed over the last 3 years (predominantly external pipework), the current asset condition of underground pipework and internal digester/tank components was largely unknown. Therefore a pro-active clean-out and asset condition assessment is to be completed.


Additionally, the existing gas blower was failing and was requiring urgent replacement. A vendor-issued replacement blower (Aerzen NZ) has been purchased and is to be installed in a position that is deemed to be more suitable for future operability and maintenance requirements (ground level versus roof-mounted).


There was a need to proactively empty, clean out and inspect the internal structure of the Methane Digester No.2 at the Pukete Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), replace the external and internal pipe spools that can only be done when the digester is offline/emptied and replace and remove the roof-mounted gas blower and commission the newly installed positive displacement gas blower.


The challenge of this project for Neuflow was around the COVID-19 restrictions and the limited suppliers and equipment in New Zealand.

Pukete Methane Digester with crane
Pukete Methane Digester Pump

Our Approach

Building on Neuflow projects experience working in wastewater treatment plants, our Project Manager and Project Engineer were engaged to plan, design, procure and oversee the construction works associated with the digester clean-out, internal pipework renewals and the gas blower installation.


An innovation added to this particular project (due to its irregular inspections of the internal components) involved a 3d point cloud scan which allowed a number of images to be combined together to allow a blueprint of the digester structure to be modelled and compared against for future inspections.

Neuflow's Project Team

Adam Donaldson
Senior Project Manager
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