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Project Management Services

Neuflow Projects has three service arms - Water, Community and Energy.

We solve complex problems to improve community assets and critical infrastructure, including water and wastewater treatment plants, sports fields, and school facilities.

Our focus is on improving community well-being by delivering trusted project management services through innovation and the best possible outcomes for our growing client base. 

Our Approach

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We work alongside our customers to achieve a net zero carbon framework in the construction and operation of projects.
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Neuflow’s continuous improvement of the integrated management system within the business includes research, development, design, procurement, quality control, production, delivery, and training.
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Our system ensures consistency of project delivery and contributes to organisational memory. The quality of work delivered - established through founder Adam Donaldson's extensive project and contract management skills and experience - is continued.

Our Services

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Neuflow Projects is committed to delivering trusted and reliable water infrastructure to the communities we serve based on the principles of tangata whenua, to ‘preserve and protect our waterways and the life force within it

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Neuflow’s community project services deliver to a wide range of customers, including central and local government agencies and schools.

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Within each project that our team of specialist project managers deliver, often the project requires a power source or energy conversion process.

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The Neuflow Projects team are specialist professionals, ready to deliver quality and value with every project from initiation to close out.

Asset Planning

Early involvement in any project is critical to ensure project needs are clearly agreed. Our team of infrastructure specialists can support our partners by completing or peer review during condition assessment and planning stages to ensure the right solution is selected and the timing is right. 

Design Management

It is often during the early stages of any project that determine a successful outcome. Understanding the technical inputs required for the infrastructure we deliver, our team of project managers ensure that the requirements for any design stage are clearly defined and understood prior to the design stage starting. We then coordinate the design teams on behalf of our clients to add innovation and value into the design, which in-turn results in seamless procurement and delivery stages. 

Building Information Modelling BIM (3d)

Leading design teams in Building Information Modelling BIM (3d) for treatment plant capacity upgrades. This is a huge leap forward in the use of innovative design tools, whereas 2d drawings have been used for decades. With the use of BIM for the design of complex treatment plant projects, early visualisation of how the final built asset may look and feel, as well as early clash detection and as-built data delivery has revolutionised how we deliver infrastructure projects in New Zealand. 

Procurement Services

Procurement strategy and planning, providing procurement support and quality assurance; aided by the indepth knowledge of Local Council procurement rules.  

Our team have delivered several contracts using NS3910, NZS3916, NZS3917, NEC3, FIDIC contract models and are qualified to take-on your engineer to contract, and tender evaluation role requirements. 

Project Execution

Having delivered over $200million worth of infrastructure projects in the Waikato region, our team of competent construction monitoring professionals can support construction contractors in delivering the design requirements. Whether it is in the capacity of engineer to contract, engineers representative or site engineer, we can guarantee onsite support and timely turnaround of technical information to allow the contractor to get on with building of new infrastructure. 

Contact us early in your project to allow one of our team to be involved in the planning and design of your project, before changes and risks start to impact on timeframes and budgets. 

Asset Data Management

With every project we deliver, our team take ownership of the asset data of any new asset delivered. Taking the stress away from construction contractors and using innovative tools (3-D scanning) and a dedicated Asset Information Coordinator, the client is assured that complete and timely asset information is available with every project, making capitalisation and asset management a breeze. 

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