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Horotiu AGE (Active Gas Extraction) & Flare Replacement

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Hamilton City Council
Date Completed:
December 2023
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The Result

The new active gas extraction system consisted of new polyethylene pipework and valving (to match the requirement gas extraction flow rates and nature of the gas), selection and installation of a new extraction blower, and a new packaged flare system.


A new site layout allowed the new pipework, blower and flare including connections, to be installed completely independent of the existing plant.


This allowed the new system to be commissioned on one gas feed whilst the existing flare could continue to operate on a duplicate gas feed. As a result, Neuflow Projects saved the council over $10,000 in reactive gas monitoring costs.


The site is now fully compliant with its resource consent and council are considering replicating the same pumpstation across its several closed landfill leachate well sites.


The project budget was set at $450,000, which the Neuflow Projects team achieved delivering a combined saving of $55,000.

The Project

Linking with our Senior Project Manager’s operational and process engineering background, Neuflow Projects were engaged by Hamilton City Council to meet resource consent requirements to design, operate and monitor a reliable gas flare to manage landfill gas produced from the closed landfill site.


Landfill gas volumes at the site continue to decrease over time. Combined with an ageing gas flare that was becoming more and more unreliable due to the lack of gas volumes and quality to ensure consent condition were met, the system was no longer deemed fit-for-purpose and was in need of replacement.


The biggest challenge for the project was to install the new flare alongside the existing operational flare all in a highly-hazardous (explosive) area; all without causing the client any downtime.

Neuflow team working on Horotiu gas extraction flare
Horotiu Active Gas Extraction Flare close up

Our Approach

Having operated and installed biogas and landfill gas piping, blowers and flare systems in similar applications, Neuflow Projects used existing site and industry knowledge to identify the complete system requirements that would suit the reduced quality and volumes of gas the site was now producing.


Working closely with council’s asset and site operational teams, Neuflow Projects re-designed the complete layout for the gas collection pipework as well as a smaller blower and flare that matched current gas production rates.


Sequencing of installation tasks were critical to the success of the project. Along with careful planning and time, the project team selected and procured all parts, materials and services for the project which lead to cost savings for council.

Neuflow's Project Team

Adam Donaldson
Senior Project Manager
Zeke Fiske
Project Coordinator | Three Waters
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