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Ohote Land Drainage, Floodgate Renewals

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Waikato Regional Council
Date Completed:
January 2023
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The Result

The Ohote floodgate renewals were completed successfully and are now operating as intended. 


Neuflow Projects, managing the floodgate renewal program for the Waikato Regional Council in the Ohote Land Drainage area, successfully addressed wet weather delays and pipe supplier issues. The completed project reflects the commitment to effective project management, collaboration with stakeholders, and resourceful problem-solving in the face of challenges. The upgraded floodgates and pipes enhance the region's resilience to flooding, ensuring sustainable water management for years to come. 

The Project

Waikato Regional Council (WRC) recently undertook a comprehensive floodgate renewal programme to enhance the resilience of their drainage infrastructure. The project aimed to replace aging floodgates and barrels to mitigate flooding risks and ensure sustainable water management. 


Every year the floodgates are inspected and assessed. A renewal program is developed from the inspections with several floodgates chosen to new renewed based on their condition and available budget. Many the floodgates are the original ones installed throughout the Waikato in the late 1960’s. 

Original Ohote Basin Floodgate Repairs - Neuflow Projects Waikato NZ

Our Approach

Neuflow Projects, engaged by the Waikato Regional Council, managed the comprehensive floodgate renewal project in the Ohote Land Drainage area. The project aimed to upgrade aging floodgates and address water management issues.  


The first challenge was understanding the materials and the different suppliers involved. The main orders had already been made prior to Neuflow being engaged. Some of the pipe orders were not accounted for initially, which lead to missing pipes for some of the projects. This was alleviated by engaging with the supplier and allocating the pipes correctly to each site. 


The main challenge however was the weather. The 2022/2023 summer months weather was highly unpredictable and wetter than usual. This resulted in scheduling difficulties as work is unable to go ahead when the surrounding farmland is actively flooding, and no open earthworks can be left during rainfall events as this increase the chances of sediment run off dramatically. 


That was overcome by implementing flexible scheduling and contingency plans to manage the impact of wet weather on construction activities. Close monitoring of weather forecasts, with the main contractor, allowed for strategic adjustments to minimize disruptions. 


Working with the main contractor closely ensured the installation phase commenced with a focus on precision and quality workmanship. Skilled construction teams managed the removal of old floodgates and pipes, adhering to safety protocols. The installation of new floodgates and pipes was executed according to the project specifications.

Neuflow's Project Team

Adam Donaldson
Senior Project Manager
Zeke Fiske
Project Coordinator | Three Waters
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