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Pool Condition Assessment – Local Waikato School

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Local Waikato School
Date Completed:
July 2023
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The Result

An in-depth report was issued to the client to help them understand the condition of the pool assets. This helps to budget and plan for renewals and any critical issues that need action.


We used our experience of operating swimming pools to assist the pool maintenance technician to better utilise the existing plant. This included suggesting process modifications that could improve the operation of the pool and its assets.

The Project

Neuflow Projects were engaged by a local school to undertake an independent review of the condition of specific key assets. It included the circulation pumps, water filtration system and associated connecting pipework.  It assessed the in-ground pipework from the plant room to the pool and from the pool to the balance tank. The concrete concourse, pool structure and surface treatments including paint coatings and tiling were also evaluated.

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Our Approach

Neuflow Projects completed a comprehensive assessment of the key assets of the swimming pool. Each asset was thoroughly assessed, photographed and rated on condition.  An estimated lifespan of assets was included and documented with an estimated replacement cost to assist the school with budgeting. The report included a review of the hazardous goods storge and use for pool water treatment.

Neuflow's Project Team

Shane Drury
Project Manager | Community Lead
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